Ep 24: Exclusive Interview with Renowned Life Coach, Natasha Lindor Hahn & Our Grand Prize Winner Reveal!


This special episode features an exclusive interview with Natasha Lindor Hahn and the BIG announcement of the Grand Prize Winner of Marcy’s giveaway! If you tuned in when ‘Divorce What to Expect’ first went live, you heard about Marcy’s special giveaway of a wellness retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii, with renowned holistic, leadership and life coach, Natasha Lindor Hahn. Natasha is the founder of ‘The And Factor,’ a firm that partners with organizations with a sincere commitment to their employees’ well-being. The And Factor provides holistic executive and individual coaching, wellness retreats, experiential workshops, and transformational leadership training programs. Tune in to also hear the lucky winner of the once-in-a-lifetime retreat experience with Natasha herself!

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Family Law and Divorce


So I’m extremely excited to have Natasha here with us today. Hi, Natasha.



Hello, Aloha.



Aloha. And I just want to give our listeners a little bit of background about you first, before we get started, you have such a diverse and amazing background. And I’m so excited that we’re here today to talk about really how to stay grounded throughout the divorce process. Our listeners should know that you’re a first-generation American whose Haitian parents immigrated here for a better life essentially, and you were raised to really value top-notch education and relentless work ethic. This translated for you I know into degrees from both Northwestern and Washington University in St. Louis, followed by earning your professional accolades during three sales Hall of Fame awards, and induction into the Colgate Palmolive Circle of Excellence in your 20s; so I that’s just amazing. And then after your time in corporate America, 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, Natasha, she earned her professional coaching certification from a leading coach training program and founded her boutique firm The And Factor International. She got married and relocated from Chicago to O’ahu; thank you for doing that because it allows me to come and visit when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic.

During a time when there’s still you know, so much going on in the world and so much is up in the air. The And Factor International team really partners with organizations who have a sincere commitment to their employees; well being. The And Factor International hosts coaching, wellness retreats, experiential workshops, transformational leadership training programs, and inclusive change leadership solutions. They help professionals increase their level of resilience in areas such as leadership ability, communication, working relationships, and career life fulfillment. Natasha’s work in the divorce space includes coaching professionals to stay connected to inner peace while balancing a career and navigating the mental, emotional, and physical pains that are inherent in the divorce process. Whether she’s coaching professionals through life before, during or after divorce, Natasha is an energizing wave of positivity, stability and forward motion dedicated to equipping you with the confidence to create and enjoy personally fulfilling meaningful moments in the midst of chaos. And Natasha, I know that you have helped hundreds of professionals and individuals through a bunch of different types of crises to really live their best life. So by way of introduction, welcome to our show.



Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here.



So let’s just start with a broad question. What advice do you give to somebody who is considering or going through a divorce? What are some of the tips and tricks that you can offer to help their journey be easier?



First, it is such a good question because ease is at the forefront of everything that I do. And what my intention for everyone that I work with is to come from a place of ease. So the first thing to do is to ask yourself what would make this process easier for me and depending upon where you are in the divorce process, the different dynamics that may be easier or harder to answer based on the emotional just kind of where you are emotionally. So what I find to be really helpful is to identify 1, 2, 3 feelings of how you want to feel in the process. So you might want to feel peaceful, you might want to feel calm, you might want to feel empowered, you know, whatever words come to mind that are grounded in your best version. Like if things turned out if you knew that everything could be okay, and you would come out the other side of this process, how do you want to feel?

So identifying that from the get-go, no matter where you are in the process can really help you to take the power for yourself to navigate the back and forth. That’s going to happen, you know, through this process. So that is one of the most essential tips and once you’ve decided that feeling that you want to have, then it’s like, Okay, what are some of the things that helped me have that feeling and it doesn’t have to be like complicated.

You know, sometimes we might think, Oh, I want to feel peaceful. Well, the time that I feel peaceful is when I’m on vacation. Well, that might not be realistic, especially these days since we’re recording during pandemic times, that you can’t necessarily get on a plane and go somewhere. So it’s what are the small things that create the sense of peace for me? Is that getting up and watching the sunset? You know, things that are really tangible, really grounded and not complicated, just things that are really simple, really easy to do, no matter how busy you are.



So that’s such a great, great tip. And one of the things, having been through my own divorce, I know that that sounds like a wonderful thing to do, and I wish that I had known you then because I would have certainly benefited from it. But it can be so overwhelming, what you’re feeling and what you’re dealing with when you’re going through a divorce or when you’re contemplating going through a divorce. How can someone stay focused on those three feelings that they’re visualizing? So I know you mentioned like maybe you watch the sunrise or the sunset or, you know, like some small thing that goes toward that. But are there any other tips for staying on that path so that it can almost be like a retreat in a moment of anxiety? Is there a mantra or something that would help somebody stay on that frequency?



Yes. So the most powerful frequency for moments of chaos is grounding yourself in love. So saying something to yourself anytime you’re feeling anxious or nervous or angry, you know, emotions that are sending you into a rabbit hole, say to yourself, “Because I love myself, I’m choosing to acknowledge I’m really pissed off about this issue. And it’s okay. And because I love myself, I am choosing to acknowledge that I wish this didn’t feel so hard. And I’m deciding to take a break for a minute or take a breath, take one deep breath.”

So it’s really those really simple things. So for listeners who identify with mantras, ‘because I love myself, fill in the blank’ is a really powerful one to keep you connected to, hey, this is really uncomfortable anxiety, I’m feeling anxiety about the situation. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I’m choosing to ground myself in love in this moment for myself, and I’m choosing it for myself.



Tune in to the episode to hear the rest of my powerful, inspiring interview with renowned holistic, leadership, and life coach, Natasha Lindor Hahn.

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