Ep 20: Special Guest Interview with Sacred Sexuality Expert Dr. Stormy Hill


In this episode, Marcy welcomes special guest Dr. Stormy Hill. Stormy is passionate about sensuality and helping others connect to their sacred sexuality. With degrees from Duke University, an MD from Michigan State University, and an MA in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California, she bases her sacred sexuality work on her intrinsic understanding and love of all aspects of the human brain and body. Stormy is committed to helping women and men reconnect with their sense of aliveness and connection to the body. Tune in to hear from this expert about how you can heal from divorce and learn to revitalize your love life by connecting to your sacred sexuality.

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Connecting to Your Sacred Sexuality


Welcome, Stormy, and thank you for joining us.



Thank you so much. It’s an honor to be here with all of you.



What is love deep lab and what inspired you to create it?



It’s really a place to come to learn how to reconnect with your own sensuality, sexuality, your own body, and really to fall in love with yourself. To become and be your own Beloved, and what a powerful time to really do that work as you are divorcing, or post-divorce or even just thinking about divorce. It’s such a tender time to really reconnect with yourself and to really, I say that with all the clients I work with to be your own Beloved, and to fall in love with the with yourself as the as your own Beloved, really that sovereignty, peace and that deep connection. And also love deep lab is a community of light-hearted people doing the work, doing the practice to live life turned on, to live life in touch with our sexual energy.



And what inspired you to create this?



In medical school, I actually thought about being a sex therapist and did some internships in sex therapy, and I love medicine. I love the brain. I love the body. I have an absolute respect for physiology. But for me, there was something it’s sort of like you don’t know what you don’t know, there was something that was just missing in the western approach. For me, that was a little bit more prescriptive than I was sort of resonating with, but again, I didn’t know and then through when I discovered sacred sexuality, as I was going through my divorce, I fell in love with it. You know, when you find something that you’re like, Oh my gosh, that’s how I’ve always thought about something and always felt about something I just didn’t have the scaffolding or the education or the information until I did so I would say is my own personal practice over the last 14 years, but also in my own sexual journey with being going from being married for a long time to being single to big with lovers to being celibate to being serial monogamy, just sort of my own journey through these different phases as I was growing and understanding myself. I would say another really important piece for me that sort of helped us in the creation of this was just I really feel heartbroken to be honest about the all the unhappy partnerships out there and not the divorce rate, but the unhappy partnerships that you know, 85% of monogamous couples report, a concern or a problem in the area of sexuality and that’s reported so my guess is it’s more like 95%. You know, so really, yeah, just a tenderness around that. And it’s my passion work. I just kind of had a circuitous path of getting here. And it really is a joy and a privilege and an honor for me to guide people in the realm of sacred sexuality.


So let’s break that down a little bit. How does this work? I come to you and I say, Stormy, I am going through a divorce. I’m having a terrible time. I need to figure out how I can move on with my life and, and really be happy and find a partner that I’m connected with sexually. How would you start to help me?



Yeah, that’s an awesome question. Sacred sexuality is a little bit like what the heck is that, right? Exactly like femoral, ethereal, mystical, and it is, I will tell you, it is all of those things. And it’s also really based in science and physiology, which is that kind of merging is one of the things I love the most about it. So, you know, I think and for those of you out there listening, you might be saying how can I even be thinking about sexualilty while going through a divorce? Or recently post-divorce? And I would say that that’s the perfect time to really get curious about what do you want to create moving forward in your life, in terms of your own sexuality, your own sensuality, your own experience of pleasure. And even though it can be a very painful time it is a very tender time and tender hearts are beautiful hearts. So it’s really a beautiful time to get curious about that and to explore that.


I worked with a meditation teacher, Deborah, who once said, ‘wherever we put our attention is sacred.’ And I love that. So it’s really about attention and intention. It’s about practicing presence. It’s about feeling embodied. It’s about deep sensation and full emotion. And then it’s also about allowing in the divine. I love it and I can’t remember who said it, I read an article recently where she said there’s a reason people say, ‘oh God,’ when they’re having an orgasm, like there is a sort of, there’s some sort of connection to something bigger, something more magical than our own limited bodies. And so that’s one part of sacred sexuality.

I would say that the second really important piece is a reclaiming or rediscovering of sex as this is the most potent energy on the planet, right? It really is. What other energies might rival would be like atomic, you know, energy, and that’s about destruction. But sexual energy is the only energy on the planet that has the ability to create life. None of us would be here if it weren’t for sexual energy. And so it’s really a reclaiming of rediscovering and also finding an innocence again in sexual energy and the power of sexual energy. And not separating out spirituality from sexuality, body and nature. Originally, those two things were very connected, and then over time, they got not only separated, but really like we have so much shaming and repression around sexuality and sensuality in our culture. And so it’s really kind of reconciling those two, again, as the really beautiful merging that they actually are.


Tune in to the episode to hear the rest of my amazing interview with the wonderful Dr. Stormy Hill!

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